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TEXSHINE Injection Molding Machine

Texshine Injection Molding Machine, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is a renowned entity, recognized for its high-quality injection molding machines.

Texshine Injection Molding Machines – Pioneering Plastic Manufacturing Solutions in India

Texshine Injection Molding Machine, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is a renowned entity, recognized for its high-quality injection molding machines. Established in 2008, Texshine’s dedication to excellence in manufacturing, along with its team of experienced professionals, continues to meet and exceed customer expectations. This blog post introduces Texshine and its services, highlighting its commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions.

Exploring Texshine’s Legacy

Texshine, the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic injection molding machines in Coimbatore, South India, embarked on its journey in 2008. Since its inception, the company has striven to offer products of unrivaled quality complemented by exceptional service.

Genesis of Texshine

Rooted in the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore, Texshine was established as a partnership-based entity, focusing on the manufacturing and selling of injection molding machines. With a vision to provide superior products and solutions to its clients, Texshine has steadily emerged as a trusted name in the industry.

International Recognition

Texshine’s commitment to excellence has not only earned it a strong domestic presence but has also paved the way for international recognition. Today, the brand’s expertise is acknowledged worldwide, making it a go-to name for companies seeking high-quality injection molding solutions.

Inside Texshine’s Capabilities

Texshine boasts a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to various customer needs. Its portfolio includes injection molding, vertical molding, insert molding, vertical plunger, and more.

Injection Molding Expertise

With a strong emphasis on innovation and quality, Texshine excels in manufacturing plastic injection molding machines. The company’s machines, designed with cutting-edge technology, are known for their efficiency and durability.

Specialized Machines

From horizontal screw type and vertical screw type to plunger type injection moulding machine, Texshine’s product line caters to diverse manufacturing requirements, ensuring optimal results.

Team Excellence

Texshine’s team comprises highly trained professionals dedicated to providing the right solution for customer needs. Known for excellent employee relations, the team’s single-minded aim is to meet and exceed customer requirements, fostering a culture of quality service and customer satisfaction.

Unraveling Texshine’s Infrastructure

Situated in the heart of Coimbatore, Texshine takes pride in its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is recognized as one of the most modern and clean molding facilities in the region.

Premium Facilities

Spanning over an area of 2500 sq.ft., the company’s facility is equipped with advanced machinery and tools, ensuring an efficient and effective production process.

Strategic Location

Texshine’s strategic location in South India places it at the forefront of the injection moulding industry, offering easy accessibility to a large customer base and aiding in its relentless pursuit of excellence.

Quality Control at Texshine

At Texshine, quality is paramount. The company has implemented rigorous quality checks to ensure that its products meet and exceed customer expectations.

Three-Phase Quality Inspection

Texshine employs a comprehensive 3-phase quality inspection process. After the part has been machined, it is checked against the drawing specifications, followed by a second inspection after painting and polishing. Finally, the director personally inspects the products before packaging and dispatch.

Customized Quality Control

Recognizing that every customer’s needs are unique, Texshine also offers customized quality control processes. This can include single, multiple, or pre-shipping inspections, raw material testing/inspection, or end-to -end quality control. Texshine ensures its clients are regularly updated about the QC process through their dedicated customer service representative.

Texshine’s Unwavering Promise

Texshine’s success is built on its relentless dedication to its customers. The company strives to offer reliable advice, quality equipment, and industry-leading after-sales support.

Commitment to Customers

The trust and confidence of its customers are of utmost importance to Texshine. The company ensures that it continues to live up to its promise of delivering top-notch products and services, thereby consolidating its position as a reliable partner for its clients.

After-Sales Support

Texshine is dedicated to providing exceptional after-sales support to its customers. It has a dedicated network of service engineers throughout India available to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Comprehensive Range of Products and Services

Texshine is renowned for its comprehensive range of high-quality plastic injection molding machines, serving a variety of types including Injection moulding, Horizontal Screw type, Vertical screw type, and Vertical plunger type.

Advanced Injection Moulding Machines

Texshine’s product line of advanced injection moulding machines is designed to help clients enhance their manufacturing capabilities. With Indian-based spare parts and support available round the clock, the company ensures minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for its customers.

Extensive Service Offerings

Texshine offers end-to-end solutions from raw material storage to final packing of goods. By providing comprehensive services, it ensures a seamless production process for its clients.

Concluding Remarks

Texshine’s impressive portfolio of advanced injection molding machines, coupled with its unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, makes it a trusted partner for businesses across India. With its strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and dedicated team, Texshine continues to set new standards in the injection molding industry.


  1. Where is Texshine Injection Molding Machine located? Texshine Injection Molding Machine is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  2. What services does Texshine offer? Texshine offers a range of services, including injection molding, vertical molding, insert molding, vertical plunger, and more.
  3. What quality control measures does Texshine employ? Texshine implements a comprehensive 3-phase quality inspection process for its products and offers customized quality control processes to meet unique customer requirements.
  4. What type of support does Texshine provide post-sale? Texshine provides industry-leading after-sales support with a dedicated network of service engineers available 24/7, 365 days a year across India.
  5. What products does Texshine manufacture? Texshine manufactures a wide range of high-quality plastic injection molding machines, including Horizontal Screw type, Vertical screw type, Vertical plunger type, and more.






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