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Navamani Electricals: Engineering Excellence in Electrical and Mechanical Components

Navamani Electricals: Engineering Excellence in Electrical and Mechanical Components

From the heart of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, comes a tech giant that stands as a testament to engineering prowess in the electrical and mechanical sectors. Navamani Electricals is not just another tech company; it’s a full-fledged technology powerhouse that fuses innovation with design and manufacturing.

Specializing in a broad spectrum of applications—from industrial and commercial to medical, aerospace, and defense—this premier company is your go-to for both standard and custom electrical solutions. So, let’s dive deep into how Navamani Electricals is revolutionizing the electrical components market and why they deserve your attention.

The Philosophy of Continuous Improvement

At the core of Navamani Electricals is a commitment to constant quality enhancement. The company achieves this by educating and empowering its employees, creating an ecosystem of leadership and excellence. In addition, they conduct their business responsibly—both ethically and environmentally—cementing their place as a “Best in Class” solution provider.

Empowering Employees for Market Leadership

Navamani believes in the power of its workforce. Through continuous training and involvement in quality improvement projects, employees are conditioned to be leaders in their respective markets. This employee-centric approach translates into high-quality products and solutions for the customers.

Ethical and Environmental Responsibility

The company recognizes its obligation towards the community and the environment. They run their operations in an ethical manner and strive to be good corporate citizens, which adds another layer of trust for stakeholders and clients alike.

Navamani’s Diverse Product Portfolio

When it comes to product offerings, Navamani Electricals is a smorgasbord of high-quality electrical and mechanical components designed to meet varying needs across different industries.

Power Inductors & Coil Range

The power inductors and coils from Navamani come in various shapes and sizes, including Toroidal, Rod, Drum Core, SMD, and Air Coil Inductors. These are designed to meet specific industry requirements, offering flexibility and customization to the clients.

Carbon Brushes and Holders

Navamani is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of Carbon Brushes in India. Using top-quality raw materials sourced from reliable vendors, they ensure that their carbon brushes are second to none in terms of quality and performance.

Terminal Boards and Solenoid Units

The terminal boards produced by Navamani are engineered for exceptional grip over solid or stranded wires. Used widely in automotive and medical sectors, they deliver quality and performance in one package. Additionally, the company specializes in solenoid valves, guaranteeing the highest quality in the industry for over 46 years.

A Commitment to Innovation and Customization

The innovation drive at Navamani doesn’t stop at off-the-shelf products.

Wind Mill Spares and Custom Solutions

Navamani manufactures key components like the hub, nacelle, generator, and converter systems in-house. They also source high-quality additional components from global partners, ensuring the finest end products.

Tailored Electro-Magnetic Components

Specializing in electro-magnetic components, Navamani offers comprehensive services from product development and prototypes to full-scale production. They assist clients in designing standards for all manufactured components.


Navamani Electricals stands as an epitome of quality, innovation, and ethical responsibility. With a diverse product range and a strong commitment to continuous improvement, it is no wonder they lead the market in electrical and mechanical components.



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