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Microtech Polymers

Whether you need high-quality, precise plastic components for your industry or are looking to partner with a reliable, innovative manufacturer, Microtech Polymers is here to serve your needs.

Microtech Polymers: Shaping the Future with Precision Injection Molding

Welcome to Microtech Polymers, one of the premier plastic injection molding and mold-making entities in Tamil Nadu. From small beginnings producing minor components for the automotive industry, Microtech Polymers has evolved into a trusted provider of high-quality, critical components for top-tier industries.

Our Story: Transforming Vision into Reality

Microtech Polymers was born out of a vision to meet and exceed the growing needs of various industries by delivering high-quality, reliable injection-molded plastic parts. Our journey from producing small components to critical ones speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and adaptability.

From Small Beginnings to Market Leaders

Our humble beginnings as a small establishment producing components for the automotive industry have allowed us to understand the finer details of injection molding. Today, we are proud to produce high-quality, critical components for various industries, consistently meeting and exceeding market demands.

Complete Solutions Under One Roof

At Microtech Polymers, we have established an in-house tool-making sector, ensuring we can provide a complete one-stop solution for any manufacturing needs. Our manufacturing strength combined with our experienced mold-making team enables us to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Our Vision & Goal: Setting the Bar Higher

Our mission at Microtech Polymers is straightforward – exceed customer expectations through continuous improvements in process flow and technology.

Vision: A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We believe in exceeding customer expectations by continuously upgrading our processes and technology. We invest in regular training for our team, ensuring they are equipped with the latest techniques and knowledge to deliver high-quality products.

Goal: Becoming Global Leaders

Our ultimate aim is to become the world’s leading supplier of plastic parts, meeting the ever-growing market demands through constant improvement in our processes and technology.

Industries We Serve: Automotive, Medical, and Consumer Products

At Microtech Polymers, we serve various sectors with our high-quality injection-molded components. Our diverse portfolio includes the automotive, medical, and consumer product industries.

A Stronghold in the Automotive Industry

With over 16 years in the automotive industry, we specialize in injection molding safety products such as seat belt buttons, D ring covers, air bag retainer parts, and more. Our auto parts are integrated into vehicles of renowned manufacturers like Maruti, Ford, Hyundai, and others.

Meeting Medical Standards

Our newly established medical division is dedicated to manufacturing quality medical components like syringes and retina imaging systems in a clean room environment, adhering to the stringent standards of the medical industry.

Enhancing Consumer Products

We also cater to consumer product industries, supplying components for home appliances like fans, grinders, mixers, water pumps, and cleaning equipment.

Why Choose Microtech Polymers

We believe in providing a comprehensive solution to our customers. Our expertise in molding, quality assurance, cutting-edge technology, and continuous improvement strategy makes us an ideal choice for all your injection molding needs.

Injection Molding & More

Our infrastructure includes injection molding machines of various tonnages, ranging from 30T to 300T. We also have high-tech machines for making quality molds for critical applications, along with product assembly and testing services for custom requirements.

Commitment to Quality

We understand the importance of delivering quality products. Our close cooperation with our customers ensures we can meet their specific requirements and deliver products that satisfy their expectations.

Overall: Crafting Success with Microtech Polymers

At Microtech Polymers, we’re more than just a plastic injection molding company. We’re a team of professionals committed to delivering quality, reliability, and innovation. Our journey of transformation from a small establishment to a leading industry player is a testament to our passion, commitment, and perseverance. We invite you to become a part of our journey and experience the excellence of Microtech Polymers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What industries do Microtech Polymers serve?

Microtech Polymers caters to a wide array of sectors, including the automotive, medical, and consumer product industries.

2. How does Microtech Polymers ensure the quality of its products?

We have a robust quality control strategy that involves close cooperation with our customers and the utilization of advanced technology and processes to ensure the products meet their specific requirements.

3. What services does Microtech Polymers provide?

Microtech Polymers is a one-stop solution for your manufacturing needs, offering a range of services including mold making, injection molding, quality assurance, product assembly, and testing.

4. What is the company’s vision and goal?

Microtech Polymers’ vision is to exceed customer expectations by continually improving its process flow and technology, with a goal of becoming a leading global supplier of plastic parts.

5. How does Microtech Polymers support the automotive industry?

With over 16 years of experience, Microtech Polymers manufactures various safety products for the automotive industry such as seat belt buttons, D ring covers, retractor covers, air bag retainer parts, air vent switches in climate control, door switches and air vent bezels, cluster masks, and door trim parts.

Whether you need high-quality, precise plastic components for your industry or are looking to partner with a reliable, innovative manufacturer, Microtech Polymers is here to serve your needs. Come, shape your success with us!



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