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Texsub Water Pumps

Nestled in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Texsub Pumps is a symbol of ingenuity and excellence in the water pumps industry.

Texsub Pumps: Revolutionizing Water Management with Exceptional Pump Solutions

Nestled in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Texsub Pumps is a symbol of ingenuity and excellence in the water pumps industry. Established on June 5th, 2003, by Mr. S. Jaya Kumar and Mr. K. Benjamin, Texsub Pumps has come a long way from producing domestic pumps to becoming a leader in providing diverse pump solutions across India.

Tracing the Roots: Texsub Pumps’ Inception and Growth

Texsub Pumps’ journey from a small enterprise to a renowned name in the pump industry is a tale of perseverance and quality.

In The Beginning: Crafting Domestic Pumps

Texsub Pumps started its operations in Avarampalayam, Elango Nagar, Coimbatore, focusing on the production of domestic pumps. With an emphasis on quality, the company quickly garnered recognition in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Expanding Horizons: Diverse Portfolio

Today, Texsub Pumps is not just restricted to domestic pumps but has expanded its product range to include Agriculture Pumps, Borewell Compressors, Air Compressors, Electric Motors, and more. Their bespoke solutions cater to specific client requirements, solidifying their position in the market.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of Texsub Pumps’ philosophy. Through rigorous standards and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Texsub ensures the utmost satisfaction.

Quality Policy and Objectives

Texsub Pumps is dedicated to supplying products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations and international standards. The company’s quality policy revolves around several key aspects:

Maintaining Quality Management Systems

Texsub keeps records and maintains its quality management system in adherence to international standards, regulations, and directives.

Staff Training and Customer Service

Ensuring that all staff are well-trained and understand the significance of quality products and exceptional customer service is a priority for Texsub.

Meeting Customer Requirements

Texsub strives to provide products and services that fully meet customer requirements, focusing on cost-effectiveness, reliability, and safety.

Continual Improvement

Texsub Pumps continually seeks to improve performance, supported by financial resources, and highlights objectives and progress through communication.

Texsub Pumps’ Impressive Product Range

Texsub Pumps takes pride in its extensive array of products, catering to a plethora of needs.

Monoblock Pumps

Texsub offers TMM 103 & 104 Self Priming and Non-Self Priming Mini Monoblock Pumps, and TCM Series Single Phase Monoblock Pumps, known for their efficiency and reliability.

Jet Pumps and Compressors

TSJ Series Jet Pumps and Borewell Compressors are part of Texsub’s extensive product range, catering to specific water extraction needs.

Openwell and Submersible Pumps

Texsub’s Openwell Pumps (single and three-phase) and 4” and 6” Submersible Pumps are designed for optimum performance in various applications.

Electric Motors

Single and Three Phase Bare Motors are also part of Texsub’s offering, ensuring powerful and efficient operation across different systems.

Why Choose Texsub Pumps?

With a legacy built on quality and innovation, Texsub Pumps is the ideal partner for all your water pump needs.

Tailored Solutions

Texsub Pumps specializes in crafting products as per client requirements, ensuring a perfect match for every unique need.

Impeccable Quality Standards

By adhering to international quality standards and continuously striving for improvement, Texsub ensures that its products are reliable, safe, and cost-effective.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Texsub’s extensive range of products from monoblock pumps to submersible pumps and electric motors ensures that they can cater to a plethora of applications across different sectors.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Texsub Pumps, customer satisfaction is paramount. The company commits itself to understand and meet customer requirements, providing not just products but exceptional customer service.

Making A Difference in The Industry

Texsub Pumps has steadily built its reputation as an industry leader. The commitment to quality, the extensive range of products, and the focus on customer satisfaction make it not just a provider but a partner in progress for its clients. Whether it’s for agricultural, domestic, or industrial purposes, Texsub Pumps has the solutions.

Get in Touch with Texsub Pumps

If you are looking for the perfect partner for water pump solutions, Texsub Pumps is the name you can trust.

Reach Texsub Pumps

Visit Texsub Pumps at Avarampalayam, Elango Nagar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu for a first-hand look at their state-of-the-art facilities.

Explore Online

You can also explore the extensive range of products and learn more about Texsub Pumps on their website. For direct communication, reach out through their contact page for tailored advice and solutions.

Exceptional Customer Service

Texsub Pumps’ dedicated customer service is just a call or message away to assist you with inquiries or after-sales support.

In conclusion, Texsub Pumps stands as a beacon of excellence in the water pumps industry. With a history of dedication to quality, a diverse product range, and a customer-centric approach, Texsub Pumps is not just a provider; it is a partner that you can rely on for all your water management needs.



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