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TEXSTAR Injection Molding

Welcome to the world of TEXSTAR, the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines in the southern region of India.

Empowering Plastic Industries with TEXSTAR: The Premier Manufacturer of Injection Molding Machines

Welcome to the world of TEXSTAR, the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines in the southern region of India. Based in the heart of Coimbatore city, we have more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art injection molding machines, ranging from a plunger capacity of up to 500gms to screw capacities of up to 130 tonnes.

Delving into the World of TEXSTAR

Understanding the genesis of TEXSTAR and its continued commitment to excellence is key to appreciating our innovative solutions.

The TEXSTAR Journey: From Humble Beginnings to a Market Leader

TEXSTAR embarked on its journey in the industrial city of Coimbatore, with a vision to cater to the growing needs of the booming Indian industry. Our commitment to providing high-quality machinery at lower equipment costs soon resulted in an influx of orders from all over the country. Our ability to serve diverse clients in an expeditious and professional manner has become one of our defining strengths.

Expanding Horizons: A Glimpse into Our Growth

Our ongoing commitment to research, design, and quality has set the stage for TEXSTAR’s significant expansion on an international scale. As a supplier of high-quality plastic injection molding machines, our focus remains steadfast on consistent growth and the delivery of superior products.

Our Exceptional Services

At TEXSTAR, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, which is central to our operations.

Prompt and Efficient: Our Service Commitment

We house a full-fledged service team committed to addressing customer concerns within a 24-hour time frame. This quick response capability underscores our dedication to providing exemplary service to our valued customers.

The Backbone of TEXSTAR: Our Workforce

Our team of around 20 employees, many of whom are professionally qualified engineers, form the backbone of our organization. Their expertise spans across various fields such as engineering, planning & procurement, quality control, and production. To stay abreast of technological advancements, we regularly participate in seminars and industrial trade fairs.

Unveiling Our Product Line: Innovative Injection Molding Machines

Our products range from plunger types to screw types, to inserting molding machines, each expertly designed to meet your specific requirements.

The Plunger Type: A Look at Our Models

Our Plunger Type injection molding machines include models such as STAR 1 H, STAR 1 HD, STAR 12 HDE, STAR 7 H FAC, and STAR 9 H FAC. Each of these machines exhibits high precision and is engineered for superior performance.

The Screw Type: Comprehensive Range of Models

Our Screw Type models include STAR 50 S, STAR 80 S, STAR 100 S, STAR 120 S, and STAR 130 S. These machines are designed for durability and reliability, consistently delivering optimal results.

Inserting Molding: Advanced and Versatile Models

The inserting molding range consists of models such as STAR IM 15 PLUNGER, STAR IM 15 SCREW, STAR IM 15 SCREW T2, STAR IM 35 SCREW, and STAR IM 35 SCREW T2. These machines are perfect for complex insert molding tasks, offering unparalleled efficiency and versatility.

Upholding the Highest Quality Standards

Quality defines us. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products reflects in our rigorous testing procedures.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Each of our products undergoes stringent quality testing to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. This uncompromising adherence to quality assurance underlines our commitment to our customers and strengthens our brand.

TEXSTAR’s Unwavering Commitment

We’re driven by a commitment to manufacture the best quality products, backed by unparalleled service support, and all at the most competitive prices. Our customer-first policy enables us to deliver outstanding value and sets us apart in the industry.

Prioritizing Quality: The Core of Our Policy

At TEXSTAR, our primary commitment is to consistently produce top-notch products. We do not compromise on quality, and this ethos is evident in every piece of machinery that leaves our production line.

Striving for Excellence: Our Service Pledge

We believe that excellent service forms the cornerstone of any successful business. We aim to provide an “endless service back-up”, as we understand that our commitment to our customers extends beyond the initial product purchase.

Closing Statement: Pioneering the Future of Injection Molding with TEXSTAR

TEXSTAR is more than just a manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines. We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to excellence, driven by innovation, and backed by a track record of delivering high-quality, reliable machinery. Our journey is one of continuous growth and expansion, as we consistently strive to meet the changing needs of the industry. We invite you to join us in our mission to revolutionize the plastic industry and create a sustainable future together.


What is TEXSTAR’s main product range?

TEXSTAR specializes in the manufacturing of different types of plastic injection molding machines, including Plunger Type, Screw Type, and Inserting Molding machines.

What sets TEXSTAR apart from other manufacturers?

TEXSTAR distinguishes itself with a customer-first policy, high-quality machinery, and quick service response. Our commitment to quality and service is evidenced by our policy to produce the best quality products with endless service backup at the most competitive prices.

Where is TEXSTAR based?

TEXSTAR is based in the heart of Coimbatore city, a major industrial hub in the southern region of India.

What is TEXSTAR’s response time to customer service requests?

TEXSTAR prides itself on a rapid response time to customer service requests. We aim to address any customer concerns within a 24-hour time frame.

What are some of the models offered by TEXSTAR?

TEXSTAR offers a wide range of models including the Plunger Type models like STAR 1 H, STAR 1 HD, STAR 12 HDE, STAR 7 H FAC and STAR 9 H FAC, Screw Type models like STAR 50 S, STAR 80 S, STAR 100 S, STAR 120 S and STAR 130 S, and Inserting Molding models like STAR IM 15 PLUNGER, STAR IM 15 SCREW, STAR IM 15 SCREW T2, STAR IM 35 SCREW and STAR IM 35 SCREW T2.



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