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SriHari Kitchen Equipments

Welcome to the world of Srihari Kitchen Equipment, a renowned name in the commercial kitchen equipment industry.

Srihari Kitchen Equipments: Your Ultimate Partner in Commercial Kitchen Solutions

Welcome to the world of Srihari Kitchen Equipments, a renowned name in the commercial kitchen equipment industry, committed to redefining the art of cooking with our innovative, high-quality products and comprehensive solutions.

Setting the Culinary Stage with Srihari Kitchen Equipments

Established in the vibrant industrial city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Srihari Kitchen Equipments has long served the Food & Beverage industry with their top-tier, meticulously engineered kitchen machinery and appliances.

Innovation Meets Tradition

In Srihari, we strive to uphold a deep-rooted tradition of quality and precision, coupling it with forward-thinking innovation. We take pride in our expertise to design and manufacture an impressive array of kitchen machineries that meets the diverse needs of commercial kitchens, bakeries, canteens, hotels, and messes.

Not Just Products, We Provide Solutions

What sets us apart is our integrated approach to kitchen solutions. Our services are not confined to mere product delivery. Instead, we extend our expertise to offer kitchen designing & consultancy, crafting layout plans, and providing technical details on a turnkey project basis and also on individual product basis.

Vision and Mission: Building a Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Our journey is guided by our vision and mission, centered around customer satisfaction, quality, and continuous improvement.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

At Srihari Kitchen Equipments, we aspire to build and sustain high customer satisfaction through our quality products and services at competitive prices. Our customer-first approach propels us to deliver solutions that are in tune with their requirements and preferences.

Post-sales Support

Believing that our responsibility doesn’t end with product delivery, we also offer prompt and effective after-sales service support to our customers. This customer-centric approach has helped us earn their trust and loyalty, making us a preferred choice in the market.

Pursuit of Excellence

Our commitment to excellence reflects in our quest for continuous improvement. Our mission to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, delivery, and price motivates us to set new industry standards. We constantly seek to upgrade our knowledge and skills, setting benchmarks for ourselves and the industry at large.

An Extensive Product Portfolio to Cater Your Kitchen Needs

We offer a diverse range of products, designed with advanced technology and crafted to perfection, ensuring optimum performance and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Cooking and Preparation Equipment

Our extensive array of cooking and preparation equipment includes steam equipments, gas ranges, food machinery, and work tables. Each of these products is designed to enhance productivity, safety, and efficiency in your kitchen.

Refrigeration and Storage Solutions

We understand the importance of proper storage and refrigeration in a commercial kitchen setting. Hence, our range of products also features top-quality refrigerators, racks, and counters, designed to help maintain freshness and prolong shelf-life of your ingredients.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Commercial Kitchens with Srihari

At Srihari Kitchen Equipments, we do not just manufacture and supply equipment; we provide solutions that shape the future of commercial kitchens. Our dedication to innovation, commitment to quality, and passion for service have made us an industry leader, and we aim to continue this journey of culinary excellence, enriching lives, one kitchen at a time.


  1. Where is Srihari Kitchen Equipments located? Srihari Kitchen Equipments is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  2. What products does Srihari Kitchen Equipments offer? Srihari Kitchen Equipments offers a wide range of products, including cooking

and preparation equipment, refrigeration and storage solutions, kitchen machineries, among others.

  1. Does Srihari Kitchen Equipments offer any after-sales services? Yes, Srihari Kitchen Equipments provides prompt and effective after-sales service support to their customers, ensuring complete satisfaction and seamless operation of their kitchen.
  2. What is the mission of Srihari Kitchen Equipments? The mission of Srihari Kitchen Equipments is to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, delivery, and price through continuous improvement and customer interaction.
  3. Does Srihari Kitchen Equipments provide customised kitchen solutions? Yes, Srihari Kitchen Equipments specialises in providing total kitchen solutions, which includes kitchen designing & consultancy, layout plans with complete technical details for Commercial Kitchens, Canteens, Bakeries, Hotels & Messes on a turnkey project basis and also on an individual product basis.

By joining hands with Srihari Kitchen Equipments, you’re not just investing in top-tier kitchen appliances, but you’re partnering with a brand that prioritises your satisfaction, values your trust, and strives to meet your unique culinary needs. Welcome to Srihari Kitchen Equipments – where innovation meets tradition to redefine your cooking experience.



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