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Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH

Discover how this ISO:9001-2015 certified organization is making waves in the plastic industry, delivering unparalleled products and services at an affordable price.

Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH: Revolutionizing the Plastic Industry with Innovation and Quality

As pioneers in the field of plastic injection molding, Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH Private Limited, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is an innovative, customer-focused company leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to excellence. Discover how this ISO:9001-2015 certified organization is making waves in the plastic industry, delivering unparalleled products and services at an affordable price.

Embracing a Legacy of Innovation

Founded by the visionary Shanth Gounder in 2016, Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH’s driving force has always been innovation and dedication to unparalleled quality.

Customized Plastic Injection Moulds and Components

Harnessing years of industry experience, the company specializes in manufacturing, trading, and supplying superior quality plastic injection molds and components. Their diverse portfolio caters to clients’ unique needs by offering products of different shapes and sizes that adhere to stringent quality standards.

Tool and Die Work

Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH’s expertise extends to tool and die making – a cost-effective method that yields high-precision parts and components. With state-of-the-art technology, they design and manufacture cutting-edge tools, dies, molds, and other intricate machinery parts, delivering reliable performance in various industrial applications.

Embodying the Future of Manufacturing Technology

Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH is committed to staying at the forefront of technology, offering advanced services such as 3D printing and scanning, adding significant value to their clientele’s manufacturing processes.

Pioneering 3D Printing and Scanning Services

Their 3D printing service uses a digital file to construct a three-dimensional solid object layer by layer. This additive manufacturing process provides flexibility and precision, enabling the creation of complex and unique designs. Simultaneously, their 3D scanning service captures real-world objects’ dimensions, including shape and color, transforming them into detailed 3D models. This cutting-edge technology supports rapid prototyping and efficient product development.

Tailored Printing Solutions

At Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH, they offer tailored printing solutions – pad, laser, and screen printing. With pad printing, they print a 2D image on a 3D object, allowing for high-quality and versatile branding and design applications.

Efficient Product Assembly

Recognizing the vital role assembly plays in product manufacturing, the company maintains a productive assembly line that streamlines operations and optimizes output. They employ a systematic approach that ensures efficient production, delivering high-quality products promptly.

Guided by a Strong Mission, Vision, and Values

Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH’s business philosophy is underpinned by a strong mission, an ambitious vision, and deep-rooted values that have guided them towards continued success and growth.


Their mission is to deliver world-class products at affordable prices and exceed customer expectations through continuous improvements and innovations.


As part of their ambitious five-year plan, Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH aims to achieve a 60% growth rate. This is a testament to their dedication to continually improve their capabilities and expand their reach through new branches.


At Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH, every product and service is a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With ambitious growth plans and a focus on embracing future manufacturing technologies, this trailblazing company is shaping the future of the plastic industry.



Sri Vinayaka PLASTECH
1/533 Vadakku Thottam
Near L&T By-Pass Road,
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
India – 641050.


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