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With our focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we aim to continue shaping the future of industrial automation with our top-notch sensors and solutions.

Experience Excellence in Industrial Automation with Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies


In the realm of Industrial Automation, the right choice of sensors can make a significant difference. This is where Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies steps in, delivering high-performance sensors for a diverse range of industries around the globe.

Founded in 1998, Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies has built a reputation for superior quality, reliable performance, and exceptional customer service. For over two decades, we have been the leading manufacturer of industrial sensors, helping businesses to optimize their production processes and improve efficiency.

Our Products: Vaari Brand Sensors

Our range of products, including Inductive Proximity Sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Capacitive Sensors, and Transformers, are designed with the latest technological advancements to ensure the highest level of precision and durability.

Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive Proximity Sensors are crucial in modern manufacturing and automation. Sri Vaari’s sensors are designed to provide high accuracy in detection and measurements, ensuring seamless operations for your machinery.

Magnetic Sensors

Our Magnetic Sensors are renowned for their robust design and reliability. They offer enhanced sensing capabilities that cater to a wide array of industrial applications, from automated production lines to high-speed trains.

Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive Sensors from Sri Vaari Engineering are recognized for their exceptional performance, even under the most challenging conditions. These sensors excel in detecting non-metal objects and offer superior responsiveness and longevity.

Photo Electric Sensors

Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies brings to you an advanced range of Photo Electric Sensors, designed to optimize your industrial automation needs. These sensors are lauded for their ability to detect and measure light changes in their environment, offering unmatched accuracy and efficiency.


Our Transformers are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, ensuring optimum power supply for your industrial automation needs.

Vaari Brand Sensors: A One-Stop Solution

In addition to our standard offerings, Sri Vaari also provides equivalent sensors for imported sensors of international brands. This makes us a one-stop-shop for all sensor needs, ensuring compatibility and convenience for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Custom Sensor Manufacturing

Understanding that each business has unique requirements, we offer custom sensor manufacturing services. Our team of experienced engineers and designers work closely with clients to design and manufacture sensors that meet specific business needs.

Applications of Vaari Brand Sensors

The applications of our products extend across various sectors, underlining our commitment to versatility and customer-centric solutions.

Automation Line and Industries

Vaari sensors play an integral role in numerous automation lines and industries, aiding in the seamless integration of various processes and improving overall efficiency.

Textile Industries: Blowroom, Carding, and Ring Frame

In the textile industry, our sensors are used in the blowroom, carding, and ring frame processes, ensuring precision and consistency in production.

Power Loom Sector and Jacquard Weaving

Vaari sensors also find applications in the power loom sector and Jacquard weaving, where they contribute to enhanced productivity and quality control.

Printing Industries

In printing industries, our sensors help maintain the exacting standards of print precision and speed, contributing to flawless output every time.

Cement Factory

In the cement industry, our sensors help ensure the smooth operation of heavy machinery, contributing to safety, efficiency, and the consistent production of high-quality cement.

In summary: Partnering with Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies

With Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies as your industrial automation partner, you gain the benefit of over 20 years of industry experience, world-class products, and exceptional service. As a testament to our commitment, our loyal customer base consistently turns to us to fulfill their sensor requirements.

With our focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we aim to continue shaping the future of industrial automation with our top-notch sensors and solutions. Partner with us today to experience the difference that quality and reliability can make in your industrial operations.

Why Choose Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies?

Comprehensive Sensor Solutions

With a broad spectrum of sensors including inductive proximity sensors, magnetic sensors, capacitive sensors, and transformers, we cater to every aspect of your automation needs.

Equivalent Sensors for International Brands

For businesses using imported sensors from international brands, we offer equivalent sensors that ensure compatibility, durability, and performance, thus providing a hassle-free and cost-effective solution.

Custom Sensor Manufacturing

Our custom sensor manufacturing service offers the advantage of sensors tailored to your specific business needs, offering an optimal blend of efficiency and precision.

Diverse Industry Applications

From automation lines to textile industries, power looms, printing industries, and cement factories, our sensors find wide application across a multitude of industries. This highlights our versatility and commitment to delivering customer-centric solutions

Superior Customer Service

At Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to assist you with your sensor requirements, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Looking Forward: Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies and the Future of Industrial Automation

As a leader in the field of industrial automation sensors, we at Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies are continually innovating to meet the evolving demands of our global clientele. We remain committed to investing in research and development, pioneering new technologies, and setting new standards in the industry.

Our goal is to empower businesses with our top-notch sensor solutions, enabling them to optimize their processes, increase efficiency, and drive growth. We aim to continue being a trusted partner for our clients, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing industrial landscape.

Join us on our journey towards shaping the future of industrial automation, where performance, quality, and customer satisfaction reign supreme. Trust in Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies – your partner in excellence.

Don’t wait – explore the world of Sri Vaari Engineering & Agencies’ high-performance sensors today! Let’s together unlock the potential of industrial automation and set new benchmarks in operational efficiency.



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