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Transforming visions into realities with precision tooling & mould design, REDECOS Technologies delivers the ‘Real Design’ in the injection moulding industry.

Sculpting the Future of Injection Moulding: REDECOS Technologies

Your business success hinges on the products you create. At REDECOS Technologies, we are committed to transforming your visions into high-quality tangible realities.

Introducing REDECOS Technologies

Based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, REDECOS Technologies is a seasoned team of professionals specialising in precision tooling and mould design. With over a decade of experience, we have honed our skills and expanded our expertise to provide need-based design services and manufacturing support to the burgeoning plastic moulding industry.

A Comprehensive Solution Provider

As a comprehensive solution provider, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle every aspect of the moulding process. From part design, precision mould design, analysis, mould construction, tool debugging, to pre-production and production runs, we are fully equipped to cater to your every need.

Customizable Services

We appreciate that every client is unique. Thus, we are always ready to accommodate discrete orders for part design, flow analysis, mould design, debug, or any level of production moulding on an individual basis.

Why Choose REDECOS?

In an evolving economic climate, businesses constantly have to adapt and find new ways to meet their bottom-line goals. REDECOS offers flexible, affordable solutions that help you realise the highest value for your business.

Team of Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises seasoned professionals in the fields of manufacturing, engineering design, and FEA. We bring together a diverse pool of talent from the automotive, commercial, and precision tooling industries to support your design and development requirements.

Manufacturability & the Real Design

With a strong manufacturing background, we champion ‘Manufacturability & the Real design’. This ethos inspires us to continuously improve our operations and deliver safe, effective, and timely products that consistently meet the quality and delivery expectations of our customers.

Core Areas of Expertise

From innovative product development and reverse engineering to thorough design evaluation and complex machining planning, our expertise is both vast and varied. We also offer extensive plastic material flow analysis and 3D mechanical modelling to ensure every design aligns with your specifications and standards.

Our Unique Approach to Design

At REDECOS, we go beyond conventional design approaches. We view every product from a tooling perspective, ensuring your product is not only creatively designed but also robust, cost-effective, and ready for manufacturing.

Synchronized Design Approach

Our synchronized design approach goes a step further to save you time and money. By considering tooling and molding aspects early in the design process, we eliminate traditional bottlenecks and trim weeks off your lead times.

Delivering the ‘Real Design’

Whether you’re starting with an idea or working from an existing design, we’re prepared to tackle your most daunting challenges. Our design team’s efforts lead to efficient, “build friendly” 3D mould designs that pave the way for a successful product launch.

Reverse Engineering and Digital Modelling

We understand the need for industries to build new designs and enhancements using existing physical models. With our expertise in reverse engineering and digital modelling, we can recreate, improve, and inspect any component to meet your specific requirements.

Robust CAD Environment

We operate entirely in a solid CAD environment. This allows us to quickly and thoroughly design and combine assemblies, providing you with a detailed three-dimensional view of your part.

Close Tolerance and High Standards

We employ complex surfacing techniques to ensure the digital 3D models perfectly align with your product design requirements. Whether your parts require close tolerance or demand high aesthetic standards, our meticulous attention to detail and dimensional variation checks ensures top-tier results.

Your Success is Our Mission

At REDECOS Technologies, our mission extends beyond just providing excellent design and manufacturing solutions. We are committed to creating a meaningful impact on your bottom line and driving your business success.

Embracing Your Vision

We understand that every product begins with an idea. Our team is adept at transforming your thoughts, sketches, or existing designs into fully realised products that perform exactly as intended.

Shortening Lead Times

Our unique synchronized design approach, combined with our wealth of expertise, allows us to significantly trim lead times, enabling you to bring your products to market faster.

Wrapping Up

REDECOS Technologies is more than a solution provider in the world of injection moulding. We are a dedicated partner committed to delivering the ‘Real Design’ and helping you realize your business goals.

Join Us in Sculpting the Future

With our comprehensive suite of services, experienced professionals, and a relentless commitment to quality, we invite you to join us as we continue to sculpt the future of the injection moulding industry.

Your Partner for Success

Whether you are a start-up embarking on your first product launch or an established company seeking to innovate, REDECOS Technologies is here to provide the support and solutions you need. Let us help you succeed, and together, we’ll achieve incredible things.



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