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Raha Texland Textile Spare Parts Suppliers Video

Nature of business


City and State

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Business Category

Textile Machinery Spares

About us

Raha Texland: We are one of the dealers and suppliers of yarn spinning mill re-placement spares, parts and accessories suppliers in Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India.


We deal: Spares, parts and mill store consumable items for textile yarn spinning mills. Blowroom machine spares, carding machine spare parts, draw frame parts, speed (simplex) frame parts, ring spinning machine spares, cone winding spares, Autoconer spares, positive clearer unit parts, OHTC parts, Aluminium spares, rubber parts, sheet metal items, coil springs and strip springs, gauges, drafting spares, plastic textile spares and all kinds of store consumables for spinning mills.


Business Name: Raha Texland

193-A, Ranga Konar Street
Tamil Nadu 641009.

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Phone Number: +91-9842235425

WhatsApp: 919842235425


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