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Dental Care

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Hyderabad, Telangana

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Dental Clinic

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Pradham Dental Clinic: We are Safe and friendly professional dental care. Our dentists are with you throughout the entire journey to your perfect smile. All our Dental solutions are affordable. We believe everyone deserves a happy smile.


Our Services: Pradham Dental is the best dental clinic in Hyderabad leading by Dr. Ashok Chandra. Our practice is committed to providing affordable dental services which attend to the diverse needs of our valued patients and provide the relief they deserve.

Tooth Extraction & Replacement – DENTAL EXTRACTION, If you lost your tooth-IMPLANTS, Teeth Replacement-COMPLETE DENTURES, Flap Procedure for Gum Diseases-FLAP SURGERY, Metal-Free Dental Crown-ZIRCONIA CROWNS, Line them all up-INVISIBLE BRACES, Tooth Colored Composite Fillings-COMPOSITE FILLINGS, Beautify your smile-TEETH WHITENING, Painless fixes-IMPACTIONS, Painless Root Canal Therapy-ROOT CANAL, Deep Teeth Cleaning-TEETH CLEANING and Affordable Braces and Orthodontics-Metal and Ceramic Braces.


Business Name: Pradham Dental


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