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Plastics and Polymers

Plastics and Polymers is not only a company but a vision that manifests into superior quality plastic components.

Unlocking the Future with Plastics and Polymers: Pioneering Industry Standards Since 1991

Harness the future of industrial components with Plastics and Polymers, an innovative manufacturer based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Serving an array of industries from automobiles to textiles and electronics, Plastics and Polymers has been setting new benchmarks in the sector since its establishment in 1991. Read on to discover the company’s journey, quality policy, and cutting-edge products that help businesses around the globe enhance their efficiency.

Journey of Plastics and Polymers: The Legacy of Thiru P.R.Srinivasalu

Founded under the visionary guidance of Thiru P.R.Srinivasalu, Plastics and Polymers has transformed itself into an esteemed entity in the industry.

The Inception and Evolution

In 1991, with a clear vision to cater to the emerging needs of various industries, Plastics and Polymers began its journey. The company’s focus on producing quality plastic components for automobiles, textiles, electronics, and more has propelled its success over the years.

Achievements and Recognition

Plastics and Polymers has made a distinctive name for itself, providing top-notch products to both domestic and international clients. This success story is credited to a diligent understanding of ever-changing customer needs and continuous adaptation of its technology.

Quality Policy: Reinventing the Wheel in the Plastic Industry

The company’s robust quality policy sets the groundwork for its superior products, ensuring value addition for customers and their clients alike.

The Manufacturing Practices

At the heart of Plastics and Polymers lies a rigorous manufacturing practice. By focusing on producing innovative products, the company has continually redefined industry standards.

Preference and Innovations

Not only does Plastics and Polymers prioritize quality, but it also embraces innovation. The company stays ahead of its competition by investing in the latest technologies, yielding superior products for its customers.

A Pioneering Quality Policy

The quality policy of Plastics and Polymers ensures the manufacture of durable, efficient, and reliable products. This approach has helped the company to earn its spot as a leader in the plastics industry.

Product Portfolio: Meeting Diverse Industrial Needs

One of the cornerstones of Plastics and Polymers’ success is its diverse product portfolio. This includes Nylon washers for fastener industries, electronic relay components, textile loom components, and more.

Nylon Washers and Relay Components

These products play a critical role in the fastener and electronic industries, respectively. Each product is tailored to meet the unique needs of the industry, assuring longevity and reliability.

Textile Loom Components and Auto Meter Covers

Textile loom components and auto meter covers, amongst other products, have helped Plastics and Polymers cater to the ever-evolving needs of the textile and automotive industries.

Conclusion: The Future of Plastics and Polymers

In conclusion, Plastics and Polymers, with its adherence to quality and customer-centric approach, has carved its niche in the global market. The company continues to push boundaries, gearing up to meet the challenges of the future head-on.


What industries does Plastics and Polymers cater to?

Plastics and Polymers manufacture components for various industries, including Automobile, Textile, Electronics, and more.

What products does Plastics and Polymers specialize in?

Their product portfolio includes Nylon Washers for fastener industries, electronic relay components, textile loom components, Auto meter covers, etc.

When wasPlastics and Polymers founded?

The company was established in 1991 under the guidance of Thiru P.R.Srinivasalu.

Where is Plastics and Polymers based?

The company is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

What is the quality policy of Plastics and Polymers?

Plastics and Polymers has a robust quality policy focusing on innovative manufacturing practices and continuous technology upgrade to satisfy customer needs and produce value-adding products.

How does Plastics and Polymers cater to changing consumer needs?

Plastics and Polymers diligently studies market trends and customer needs. They continually adapt their technology and innovate their product line to meet these evolving demands.

Thus, Plastics and Polymers is not only a company but a vision that manifests into superior quality plastic components. With its cutting-edge products and progressive policies, it promises to unlock a future of limitless possibilities in the plastic industry.



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