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Nature of business

Authorized dealers

City and State

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Business Category

FESTO pneumatic spares

About us

Murali Pneumatics: Authorized dealers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India for all FESTO pneumatic products.


FESTO products: Festo Valves, Festo Vacuum Technology, Handling Systems, Grippers, Motors and Controllers, Electromechanical Drives, Pneumatic Drive Items, Servo Pneumatic Positioning Systems, Sensors and Accessories, Tubes and Connectors, Air Preparation Products, Valves Range and Pneumatic Drives.

FESTO Range of products: Function Spcific Systems, Ready to Install Solutions, Process Automation,Control Technology and Software, Electrical Connector Technology, Pneumatic Fittings System, Compressed Air Preperation, Festo Image Processing Systems, Festo Sensors and Festo Valve Terminals.

Other Products

Air Distribution Manifolds are Specially designed for delivering air to multiple off-take points, APT the premium brand of material removal tools known in India for their high quality, dependability in various industrial segments, Hydraulic Flareless Fittings, Lubrication Solutions, Lubrication Systems, Cosmic Air Dryers and High Speed Assembly Air Tools By IEC.


Business Name: Murali Pneumatics

107, 108, Mill Road
Near Entyce Mills
Tamil Nadu, India


Phone Number: 0422-2237774

Mobile Number: +91 98422-47546

WhatsApp: +91 9842247546


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