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Revolutionizing Animal Nutrition: Insights into Mukka Proteins Limited

Welcome to a deep dive into Mukka Proteins Limited, a beacon in the animal protein sector nestled in the heart of Mangaluru, Karnataka. This esteemed entity stands at the forefront of innovation in the marine industry, with a legacy spanning over five decades under the visionary leadership of Mr. Kalandan Mohammed Haris. Mukka Proteins Limited excels in crafting top-tier Fish Meal, Fish Oil, and Fish Soluble Paste, alongside pioneering in the realm of alternative proteins like the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Insect Meal. Let’s embark on this intriguing journey to uncover how Mukka Proteins is setting benchmarks and shaping the future of animal nutrition.

The Pillars of Mukka Proteins Limited

Mukka Proteins Limited is not just another name in the animal feed industry; it’s a legacy built on decades of dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. At its core, Mukka Proteins is a testament to the visionary leadership of Mr. Kalandan Mohammed Haris and a team of unparalleled professionals. This segment will peel back the layers to reveal the ethos, the dedication, and the cutting-edge practices that make Mukka Proteins Limited a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the animal protein sector.

Crafting Excellence: The Mukka Legacy

The Mukka saga began with a pioneering spirit in the heart of India’s marine hub, led by the foresight of Mr. Kalandan Mohammed Haris. The company’s roots are embedded in the rich maritime heritage of India, where it first introduced the nation to steam sterilized fishmeal plants. This innovative leap was not just a milestone for Mukka but a revolutionary step for the Indian Fishmeal Industry. With an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, Mukka Proteins Limited has evolved into a global entity, boasting certifications from esteemed international bodies and setting new standards in the animal feed industry.

A Hub of Innovation: Beyond Fishmeal

In a world constantly seeking sustainable solutions, Mukka Proteins Limited has broadened its horizons beyond traditional fishmeal and fish oil. The company has ventured into the future of animal nutrition with the development of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Insect Meal under its subsidiary, Ento Proteins Private Limited. This forward-thinking initiative not only highlights Mukka’s commitment to innovation but also its dedication to addressing the growing global demand for alternative protein sources. By exploring the potential of insect meal, Mukka Proteins Limited is not just diversifying its product range but is also contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future in animal nutrition.

Navigating the Seas of Sustainability

Mukka Proteins Limited’s journey is a testament to its commitment to sustainability and quality. With a portfolio spanning high-quality Fish Meal, Omega-3 rich Fish Oil, and innovative Fish Soluble Paste, Mukka has established itself as a key player in the global market. This section delves into the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, the strategic locations of their plants, and the rigorous quality controls that ensure the highest standards of product excellence.

The Art of Fish Meal and Fish Oil Production

At the heart of Mukka Proteins Limited’s success is its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located across strategic coastal regions in Karnataka, Gujarat, and even Oman. These plants are not just production units but centers of excellence where tradition meets technology. With a keen eye on sustainability, Mukka employs steam drying techniques to produce Fish Meal and Fish Oil, ensuring that the nutritional integrity of the products is maintained while adhering to the highest environmental standards. This commitment to quality is further underscored by Mukka’s extensive list of international certifications, marking its products as the gold standard in animal nutrition.

Venturing into the Future: The Insect Meal Revolution

As the world looks towards more sustainable and eco-friendly protein sources, Mukka Proteins Limited has embraced the challenge head-on by delving into the production of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Insect Meal. This venture is not just a business expansion; it’s a bold step towards sustainability and environmental stewardship. By harnessing the power of insect protein, Mukka is not only offering a high-quality, sustainable alternative to traditional animal feeds but is also contributing to the circular economy by utilizing organic waste as feedstock for the BSF larvae. This innovative approach highlights Mukka’s commitment to sustainability and its role in shaping the future of the animal nutrition industry.

The Visionary Path Forward

Mukka Proteins Limited is more than just a company; it’s a visionary force driving forward the agenda of sustainable and responsible animal nutrition. With a firm foundation in traditional fishmeal production and an eye towards the future with alternative protein sources, Mukka is poised to make significant contributions to global food security and the blue economy. This section will explore Mukka’s strategic vision, its commitment to scaling up production, and its role in transforming India’s marine sector.

Shaping the Future of Animal Nutrition

Mukka Proteins Limited’s vision is a world where sustainability, responsibility, and innovation drive the animal nutrition industry. By expanding its fishmeal business and scaling up its insect meal production, Mukka is not just looking to meet the current demand but is also preparing for the future needs of a rapidly growing aquaculture industry. This visionary approach ensures that Mukka remains at the forefront of the industry, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow with innovative solutions today.

Embracing the Blue Economy

In alignment with the Government of India’s vision of the blue economy, Mukka Proteins Limited is committed to playing a pivotal role in transforming India’s marine sector. By focusing on sustainable practices, innovative products, and a commitment to quality, Mukka is not just contributing to the nation’s food security but is also setting new benchmarks for the global animal nutrition industry. This commitment to sustainability, innovation, and quality is what makes Mukka Proteins Limited a true leader in the field of animal nutrition.


Mukka Proteins Limited stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and quality in the animal nutrition industry. With its rich legacy, commitment to excellence, and forward-thinking approach, Mukka is not just meeting the current demands of the industry but is also shaping the future of animal nutrition globally. As we look towards a more sustainable and responsible future, Mukka Proteins Limited continues to lead the way, proving that tradition and innovation can go hand in hand to create a better world for us all.



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