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Meon Tech Polymer

Dive into the world of Meon Tech Polymer, a trailblazer in the injection molding industry, committed to delivering innovative solutions and superior quality products.

Meon Tech Polymer: Driving Innovation in Injection Molding and Beyond

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, Meon Tech Polymer has set its sights on becoming a leading force in the injection molding industry. Based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, this company is not just manufacturing plastic components—it’s shaping the future of the industry.

Journey of Meon Tech Polymer

Meon Tech Polymer’s journey started in 2015 with an ambition to disrupt the plastic industry and revolutionize the process of injection molding.

Manufacturing and Supplying Excellence

The company offers an array of services, such as plastic injection molding, injection mold tooling, and the production of high-quality, competitively-priced plastic moulded components. Their experienced and professional engineering team is dedicated to delivering superior products that meet the varied needs of their clientele.

End-to-End Design and Manufacturing Solutions

At Meon Tech Polymer, customer problems are viewed as opportunities to create innovative solutions. The company’s end-to-end design and manufacturing approach includes product concept and product design, engineering, prototyping, and tool manufacturing. This holistic approach ensures the seamless execution of all projects, resulting in high-quality integrated modules.

Vision, Mission, and Quality Policy

Underpinning Meon Tech Polymer’s business philosophy are its clear vision, mission, and an unwavering commitment to quality.


The company’s vision is twofold: to demonstrate consistent growth by adding new customers and products and to emerge as a leader in the domestic market and a dynamic competitor in the global manufacturing and engineering services sector.


Their mission is to expand their product range and increase their volume of business, identify new products and services through innovative product development engineering, and expand infrastructure. They aim to adopt innovative technology, ensure zero defects in all their products, and ensure the prompt delivery of quality products.

Quality Policy

Their quality policy stands as a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Meon Tech Polymer aims to supply quality and value-added products at the right time and place, continually enhancing their quality management system.

Tool Room and Die Making

Meon Tech Polymer is equipped with a dedicated tool room and experienced teams, which form the backbone of their operations.

Expertise in Tool Room and Die Making

The company has a dedicated and experienced team focused on plastic mould manufacturing. They provide end-to-end design and manufacturing solutions, which include product concept and design, engineering, prototyping, tool manufacturing, and the production of integrated modules.

Proficient Team

The strength of Meon Tech Polymer lies in its team’s professional engineering abilities. The company places significant emphasis on design, recognizing that a good design is the foundation of an excellent mould. Their experienced project management team ensures a seamless and flawless project management process, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Meon Tech Polymer continues to prove itself as a key player in the plastic injection moulding industry. With a dedicated team, a commitment to innovation, and a clear vision for the future, this company is set to reach new heights in the world of manufacturing and engineering services.



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