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Illuminate Your World with Prakash Lights: Hyderabad’s Lighting Legacy

Illuminate Your World with Prakash Lights: Hyderabad’s Lighting Legacy

Introduction: Ever since its establishment in 1958, Prakash Lights has been an iconic brand for lighting solutions in Hyderabad, Telangana. With a legacy spanning over three generations, it has been illuminating the city with unparalleled brilliance. This article delves deep into the brand’s history, its philosophy, and what makes it a cut above the rest in the world of lighting.

A Brief History of Prakash Lights

From its roots set by Sri L T Mehta and Sri M L Mehta, Prakash Lights has grown into a beacon of excellence, now with the younger generation – Vikram Mehta and Avant Mehta – joining in. The city of Hyderabad has seen this brand evolve with three showrooms, each one exhibiting a dazzling collection of lighting luminaries.

The Company Vision and Mission

At its core, Prakash Lights endeavors to retail and supply high-end quality lighting fixtures suitable for residential, commercial, and outdoor settings. Their mission? To accelerate the way consumers access the latest lighting products. With a blend of modern design concepts, they strive to meet the unique lighting needs of their customers without compromising quality.

The Grand Portfolio

Dive into the world of Prakash Lights and you’ll see their products embellishing a myriad of spaces – from luxurious hotels and gourmet restaurants to retail outlets, educational institutions, and the serene households of gated communities. Each product speaks of their commitment to diversity and the illumination of varied spaces.

The Prakash Lights Philosophy

Rooted in quality, durability, and design innovation, Prakash Lights believes in turning every creative idea into a tangible product. The brand’s essence lies in its commitment to producing natural lighting that offers improved color rendering and visual clarity.

Their Design Approach

With an emphasis on both functionality and aesthetics, Prakash Lights stands by to guide and collaborate with design teams. They ensure that the products offered not only match but exceed the highest quality standards in the industry.

The Team Behind The Glow

Rather than just salespeople or managers, the Prakash Lights family comprises specialists, experts, and problem solvers. Their expertise and dedication have played a crucial role in fostering long-lasting relationships with a plethora of satisfied clients.

Quality and Service at Prakash Lights

Cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality is a mantra at Prakash Lights. By efficiently managing overheads and having a skilled team in place, they ensure that the benefits are passed on to their discerning customers.

A Religion Called Quality

At Prakash Lights, quality isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life. Their goal remains unwavering – to make certain that every product aligns with the customer’s specifications and standards.

Service That Shines

Aiming to add brilliance not just to spaces but to lives, Prakash Lights boasts a customer service that’s second to none. Whether it’s inquiries about lighting products or after-sales concerns, their team ensures a hassle-free and informed shopping journey for every customer.

Products That Speak For Themselves

From ceiling lights and luxurious chandeliers to kids’ lighting, table lamps, outdoor lights, and more, Prakash Lights boasts an eclectic range.

The Lighting Catalog

To list a few from their diverse collection: LED lights, hanging lights, Luxaire Fans, wall lights, and many more. Each product is a testament to their dedication to quality and design.


With decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, Prakash Lights remains a name synonymous with quality lighting in Hyderabad. As a brand, they have and continue to cast a glow that goes beyond just illumination – it’s about legacy, brilliance, and a commitment to light up lives.



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